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A start up publisher, The Do Books, came to me with a long term project. In lieu of my usual fee I asked for complete creative freedom— I would design the series look and all the covers and they had no directorial say whatsoever. Essentially I was asking for their trust. Understandably, this idea scared them, but they agreed to our contract. Their trust in me inspired some of my best work. After the first stage of the project was released they wrote on their blog, “James Victore asked us to trust him, and we’re glad we did.”

Each book carries one simple idea, like baking, birth, sea salt or telling a story. My personal challenge was to illuminate these simple ideas with a cliche, but always stretched to it’s limit— even to the edge of legibility. Another play I invoked was to design the cover type independent of the visual— and run it smack over the image, adding another level of difficulty in reading and perception. The effect is a stunning, award winning and collectible series of books. The series will happily continue to develop, posing even more creative challenges.